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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There is a vast knowledge and wisdom existing everywhere;

what we lack is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE that all people can

understand scientifically, logically.
One field contains the essence of science, philosophy, psychology, religion ...
all content in a whole.
All this has to exist simultaneously, without separation ...
EDUCATION should bring it all together,
not separate it""


 A universal education in a universal language that forms the foundations of a new educational paradigm.


 Universal Mandala - A Universal Contemplative Education -


Universal Mandala  integrates the most relevant of educational approaches from East and West, unifying them through universal principles and laws of our everyday lives.

UNIVERSAL MANDALA focuses on the exploration of our inner and outer world through the academic curriculum and the environment around us, to discover the analogies and the universal principles and laws that guide both our own psychology and the nature of reality, investigating along the way through each academic subject our common values, the interdependence and interconnection of all things, the change and impermanence to which everything is exposed, the way things exist and how we perceive them, the nature of emotions and their transformation, and everything that unites us with the rest of the beings on the planet ... In a few words, we are moving towards the awakening of our unlimited potential, to become active designers of our own lives, designers of a wiser and more compassionate world; a happier world ...


We can take this exploration to all the environments and areas of life; school, home, social life, work place, government ... and to all pedagogies and educational approaches. 


Education, when approached from this perspective of universality and contemplationhas shown positive results in all areas where the model has been applied to problems as attention deficit, depression, anxiety and hostility in children and in adults, while providing great health benefits in their well-being, social relationships, and academic and work performance, and a great capacity for emotional self-regulation and conflict resolution, resulting in a higher concentration and sense of well being on the participant, and as a logical consequence, awakening in the minds and hearts of the participants a social responsibility and more happy, healthy and sympathetically mental attitude.

So we believe this Educational Model integrates the bases of the NEW EDUCATION PARADIGM


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