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 for the Mind and the Heart


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There is a vast knowledge and wisdom existing everywhere;

what we lack is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE that all people can 

understand scientifically, logically.
One subject contains the essence of science, philosophy, psychology, religion ...
all content in a whole.
All this has to exist simultaneously, without separation ...
EDUCATION should bring it all together,
not separate it"


UNIVERSAL MANDALA believes that all human beings have the ability to develop to an unlimited degree their innate wisdom, their ethical sensitivity and their compassion towards others through knowing their own psychology and the way in which things exist and how we perceive them, and the interconnection and interdependence between them; investigating in the omnipresent law of cause and effect, in the permanence of the change and in the nature of the mind and its emotions,... so that organically and naturally, empathically and responsibly we can take the reins of the life that we really want to live, collaborating this way to be active designers of a wiser, compassionate and more responsible world ... that is, a happier world ... ". And therefore we consider that all true education must be focused towards this development thus allowing human beings to  become balanced individuals and responsible members of the world community.




From the perspective of UNIVERSAL MANDALA, there are two inter-connected roads.


The first path tries to get a clear, undistorted vision of the nature of reality, understanding the interconnection between all phenomena. This view eliminates the erroneous notion that the elements of our experience are solid, that they are separate autonomous entities independent of the totality of existence. This misconception is largely responsible for the alienation and fragmentation that plagues our world today, but this can be transformed and ultimately overcome by generating a wisdom based on the interdependent nature of the world in which we live.

It is not just that the forces that shape our world depend on each other, but that the way we experience this world depends on the nature of our mind. In fact, the creative power of our mind is basically responsible for the quality of our lives, rather than the external factors of our existence -our environment, material possessions, etc.-. Therefore, the path of WISDOM consists, fundamentally, in understanding the way our minds work. This is the knowledge that allows us to replace, by their opposites, destructive thought and behavior patterns and those that make us confine ourselves, so that we are able to relate to our environment in an ecological way; realistic and responsible, valuing life.

The second way tries to open our hearts to develop COMPASSION and the love that embrace all living beings. This path of compassion allows us to overcome our obsessive egocentricity, which maintains our individual wellbeing above all else. This selfish and alienating attitude can be weakened and finally overcome by appreciating to what extent all the inhabitants of this planet are members of the same great family, which is intimately interconnected, in which each member has the common wish to be happy and be free of suffering.


Therefore, the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE that we "speak" in UNIVERSAL MANDALA involves a process of training in WISDOM AND COMPASSION, TRAINING the MIND AND the HEART  in a unified way.



The curriculum, guides, manuals and materials that we elaborate with this language can be adapted to meet the requirements of a wide range of professional, work, social, family and educational environments. Those of us who develop these materials appreciate, encourage and support such adaptations so that the benefits of the Universal Mandala language reach as far as possible.


The experience and creativity of what we hope will become a network of educators, parents, workers, businessmen, governors ... dedicated to the ideals and principles in which UNIVERSAL MANDALA operates will serve to adapt the educational and material models that we have developed and thus guide children and adults around the world to develop their unlimited potential of Wisdom and Compassion thus making a positive impact on the world; Being definitely the change we wish to see in the world.


With the continuous creative ideas of those who are actively dedicated to welfare in the world, UNIVERSAL MANDALA can become a permanent universal force.


AND HOW TO PUT THIS IN THE HANDS OF THE EVERYDAY CITIZEN? at the educational center, at the workplace, in our environment, in the family environment ....

Find information on how to implement the Universal Mandala model in education, at the workplace and at home. Go to Universal Mandala 


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