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UNIVERSAL MANDALA is an educational initiative with a universal language and a unique methodological approach capable of combining and nurturing all pedagogies and educational initiatives through basic Universal  Principles and Universal Laws, much inspiration, research and practice in different approaches, philosophies, pedagogies and methodologies both Eastern and Western and all integrated through a vision and unique goals that promote the direct experience of our true nature and the conscious abidance in that natural state in all circumstances. which has led to a unique educational approach.

Participants follow, step by step, a world of discoveries and awakenings that reveal our true nature and nature behind all things in an experiential and creative way .... naturally, scientifically, logically ...and being all integrated into the academic process at the school setting, at the workplace, at home...wherever we wish to take it!




Our approach to education, focuses on the exploration of the essential and universal principles that lead us to the knowledge of our own psychology and the way things exist and how we perceive it, and the interconnection and interdependence among all that, and the omnipresent cause and effect law, the permanence of change and the nature of the mind, emotions, and the transformation of these ... to get us in an organic and natural way, consciously and meaningful, to take charge of the life we really want to live, contributing thereby to be active designers of a wiser and more compassionate world .... a happier world ...


This exploration, can be taken to every area of life; educational, work, family, business, government ... .When brought to school, it is throughout the academic curriculum, integrating the essential and universal principles and laws mentioned above through all subjects, topics, projects or areas, and same in rest of environment and settings.


Education, when approached from the perspective of this universality has shown incredible results in all areas where the model has been applied with regard to attention deficit problems, depression, anxiety and hostility in children and in adults, while offering great benefits in their general well-being, social relationships, and academic and work performance and so high capacity in emotional self-regulation and conflict resolution, resulting in a higher concentration and sense of well being on the participant, and as a logical consequence, awakening in the minds and hearts the social responsibility and a happier, healthier and sympathetically mental attitude; so we believe this educational model is the foundation of the new educational paradigm.

UNIVERSAL MANDALA seeks to develop the whole person, and therefore, has the following goals:

• Fostering the qualities of loving kindness, compassion, and
universal responsibility.

• Cultivating respectful behavior towards all living beings.

• Presenting a balanced integrated program of learning activities
and experiences that addresses the physical, social, emotional,
intellectual and spiritual domains of the person.

• Transmitting the universal elements of wisdom from different
cultures and traditions through an understanding of both the
material (external) and spiritual (internal) aspects of reality.

• Developing ethical behavior based on an understanding the
interrelatedness and interconnection of all phenomena.

• Developing an understanding of:
-The nature of the mind and its projections.
-The nature and source of emotions and how to work with them.

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