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Your support help us to bring worldwide our educational approach

UNIVERSAL MANDALA offers an extensive program. Not only do we strive to accompany children to enjoy the joy of learning, and adults to connect with the guide that we all really are, but we also provide a basis for the development of the unlimited potential of the human being through Self-knowledge and Emotional Management through our program guided by basic and Essential Universal Principles and Laws (CCC) and a Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning Program (SEE Learning). Your support, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT brings the vision of Universal Mandala to life. 

You can support us in different ways:


You can help by donating to our effort, so we can continue developing programs and trainings for children and adults to make a positive difference in the world.

You can support our vision and programs with your finalcial contribution through Paypal on "Donate" button or you can donate directly to our bank account:



ES92 0081 4265 6900 0125 0433



We really apprecciate and thank you so much for joining us in the change you wish to see in the world supporting our program an its purpouse to expand it around the world.

We always need cooperation in our projects, but we need the collaboration of those people who really identify themselves with the philosophy and methodology of Universal Mandala, wishing go further and investigate with us.


We always need:


-Spanish and English language translators to translate our publications and materials.

-Assistant in the classroom and in the various activities: Your voluntary cooperation is always welcome after performing the Basic Training Course, course where you can become familiar with the methodology and the dynamics, structure, and program materials, which will help later to participate in the various activities of UNIVERSAL MANDALA program, spread and expand this pedagogy around the world 


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