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Medical Biomagnetism is a medical discipline that allows us to understand the disease from the energetic point of view, and vibrational, no longer chemical, no longer clinical, no longer biological. We have a pH that approaches the neutral, however, there are phenomena that alter that pH and lead the organs towards acidity or alkalinity. An alteration that can lead to illness.


As in the whole universe, duality is also present in the body. In this case, it is not the magnetic field that cures, but the correction of the pH altered through the use of magnets.


Furthering the matter, we can say that medical biomagnetism is the study of phenomena


Bioenergetics that produce the microorganisms inside the human being. For the reception, development and reproduction of these organisms, there must be fundamental alterations in the pH (Hydrogen potential) of the organs that support them. These modifications can be perfectly measured and classified














The discoverer of this medical model and undoubtedly deserving of the recognition that corresponds to it, Dr. Isaac Góiz defines Medical Biomagnetism as a phenomenon that allows to understand the patient and conclude in a fast, economic and reliable way which pathologies or dysfunctions Have installed in your body and, above all, how to remove them from the damaged body to restore health.


Medical Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies and corrects pH alterations in the human being. The bioenergetic balance is universal, the repercussions at the functional, mental and even psychological level that are developed by the presence of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses) influence the whole organism and can be, in turn, the result of the Bioenergetic alterations of other organs that have already been affected or of the functions of these organs.


For years we have abused antimicrobial drugs. We have come to repress the manifestations that provoke but we can not eradicate them, but bring them to subclinical states that distort the symptomatology and the signología.


We now know that magnetic fields between 1,000 and 50,000 Gauss are not toxic to humans. Specialties, such as magnetotherapy, have appeared that use magnets between 100 and 400 Gauss in procedures of traumatic origin associated with pain and inflammation, but with few results. 700 Gauss fields have also been used for acupuncture magnetized plates. All these means help, they are palliative measures, but only cause improvement in the processes, not their disappearance.


We define NEN (normal energy level) as the point at which each organ must be established independently. There is a constant and balanced biomagnetic resonance in the limits of health and in the deviations that originate the diseases. The presence of a condition is that of its opposite, its magnitude is also similar and the elementary particles in the first corresponds to that of the second.





Where is the genius of Dr. Goiz's discovery? In the empirical test that the organism responds in a dual way and in the realization that the laws of physics also affect the individual: the electron is to the atom what the ion is to the molecule and the nucleus protein to the cell.


There are two biomagnetic loads in resonance, that is, "a biomagnetic pair" that identifies each pathology of living beings.

Thanks to this knowledge we now understand that viral and bacterial diseases are in close relation, the former condition the reciprocally the latter simultaneously. And they do so both in their genesis with their pathogenic presence and their final consequences in degenerative processes that until today we considered irreversible.


The biomagnetic pair moves us to the origin of the phenomenon and defines the organ that generates it, its polarity and the virus or bacteria that identifies it, and also the interaction between two or more microorganisms.

This recognition, in itself, deserves the greatest respect in the health sciences, since it allows us to take all the therapeutic resources to the root of the cause, which will give them an accuracy hardly equal.

But in addition the biomagnetic pair cures the pathologies, which gives the biomagnetism doctor the best and most effective diagnostic tool and the most valid technique to solve the pathology. In itself it is a code that detects and corrects diseases and dysfunctions, and represents the best, most valid and definitive "pathogenic code".


The healing is achieved by returning the energy balance of the altered zone to the optimal pH for health, whose alteration is due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that distort the pH in the organ that supports the morbid phenomenon.
















The biomagnetic torque, discovered in 1988, has nothing to do with electromagnetism and / or magnetism, with magnetic resonators, with magnetotherapy, with psychotherapeutic treatments, or with bioenergetic analysis.


Medical biomagnetism is the relationship in energy and vibrational resonance supported by the fundamental distortion of the pH of two specific points that may vary in intensity but not in location. And that in turn identify the presence of pathogenic microorganisms - be they bacteria, fungi, parasites and / or viruses - and even organic functional dysfunctions and the impact that is achieved by induction of two magnetic charges that neither increase nor decrease energetically the organ, But neutralize it without causing any damage or injury.


We can say that the same microorganism can produce different symptoms, and the same symptom can be produced by different microorganisms. The biomagnetic pair dispenses with the symptom and refers us to its etiology so it can be associated with any medical system.


A review with medical biomagnetism entails the complete analysis of the patient. The bioenergetics medical allows us a comprehensive examination of the same, which according to the binary or bipolar system and the location of pH alterations comes to discover the pathology and its etiology, in addition to simultaneously correcting said alterations, balances the pH, That is, it leads to its normal and natural values ​​that condition cellular and organic health, that is, causing the healing of the pathology energetically.

The discovery of the Biomagnetic Pair provides a working tool that allows the physician to quickly know the etiology of the disease, microorganisms, functional or glandular alterations, or presence of active reservoirs of pathogenic microorganisms that has allowed to understand complex, chronic, degenerative, syndromic and Tumor in a simple way, thanks to the dual bioenergetic concept that appears even before the clinical symptoms that neutralize or polarize it recovers.



The theoretical basis of medical biomagnetism or biomagnetic pair is based on the following five concepts:



Magnetic resonance




These concepts lead us to an understanding of the operation of the Biomagnetic Pair:


Magnetism: The characteristics of a magnetic material is the magnetic hysteresis (permanence) and the polari

After the polarization field is suppressed.

Iwao Yasuda and Ei ichi Fukuda demonstrated in 1957 the appearance of a new bone formation in the proximity of an active electrode. They also showed how a bone subjected to understanding appears on the side of the concavity with a negative charge and on the convexity with a positive charge.

The biomagnetic pair does not need the presence of pulsating fields, but simple non-coiled magnets with a power greater than 1000 Gauss, and also shows how better results are obtained with specific biomagnetic pairs oriented towards the reformation through the bone cellular regeneration understood under the concept Of the Biomagnetic Pair, and again shows a simple and revolutionary answer under the protection of energy duality. My current field of work is the regeneration of tissues, not just bone, but any part of the organism that requires cellular regeneration.


      PH: Electrolysis is the decomposition of a substance (electrolyte) by means of an electric current.

The human body is a pulsating electric machine, which produces current through all internal organs and is communicated by electrical signals. The conductive material in the human body is electrolytes, so a variation of its composition generates a variation in the direction of the magnetic field producing a (+) or (+) polarization of the organ where the anomaly occurs.


      Magnetic Resonance: Magnetic phenomena have their origin in the movement of charges

Electrical installations. Ampere said: "Magnetism is an electric current that moves in circles." In the magnet the current occurs in each of the molecules that make it up.


       Entropy: The amount of heat a body loses or gains from its normal temperature. When a body releases more heat energy means that the molecules are moving at a faster rate, colliding with each other and each shock is produced (released) a quantity of energy. A high entropy releases more heat than a low entropy and for the biomagnetic pair this represents a measure of the measurement of system (human body) disorder.


        Symbiosis: It is the association of microorganisms of different species that take advantage of each other. For medical biomagnetism, pathogenic viruses resonate with non-pathogenic bacteria for their maturation and energetic activación, But when it comes to a pathogenic bacterium the virus happens to become structural or metabolic. There are other associations of pathogenic microorganisms that complicate and distort the clinical manifestations in the patients leading to false diagnosis.


Microorganisms coexist harmoniously, taking advantage of spaces and resources for their metabolism. The biomagnetic pair places us in the place and the moment in which the microorganism is established, independently of its clinical manifestations, which allows us to study the initial pathophysiology of the diseases and the symbiosis of the living pathogens and their interrelation within the tissues That support it.


Biomagnetism, proposes a general review of the patient and Bioenergetic Medicine, which is part of Biomagnetism, allows us an integral examination of it by means of a dipole system and the location of pH alterations, which come to discover the pathology and The etiology, in addition to correcting these alterations simultaneously, balances the pH, that is to say it leads to its normal and natural values ​​that condition cellular and organic health and leads to its improvement.


After decades of being discovered by Dr. Goiz Durán, the university clinical world is now focusing its attention on this therapy as it is being shown as an effective tool in the face of the health challenges facing society.


Isaac Goiz Durán, a long-standing and prestigious scientist, is the discoverer of the principles of this therapy and the only student of the Biomagnetic Pair who has placed on the university table teaching and research documentation on the Biomagnetic Pair and Medical Biomagnetism.


He is the founder and current director general of the Medical Biomagnetism Research Center; He is a Surgeon Doctor, National Prize "Martín de la Cruz" - Academy of Traditional Medicine, AC, Mexico, Honorary Professor of Research at the University of Alcalá de Henares and Director of the University Specialist and International Masters Program in Medical Biomagnetism Philippus Program of Integrative Medicine of the RCU Escorial Madrid.

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Bioenergetics is the part of biology that studies the transformations and changes of energy in living organisms and systems.

It is a method that relates the corporal expressions, emotions and character of the patients and their muscular structure and allows to unblock areas of the human body loaded and rigid, freeing the feelings and emotions that do not find an appropriate escape.


Bioenergetics is inspired by the so-called Reichian therapies, although it has a line of work of its own. One of the fundamental concepts is the term Bioenergy itself, which starts from the basis that there is a vital energy from which emanate all the manifestations of the universe: the Hindus call it Prana, the Chinese called it chi, the Japanese ki .... This vital energy, Reich baptized as Bioenergy and is not considered transcendent or intangible, but based on the tangible effects it produces in living beings (hence the name of Bioenergy, energy based on its biological activity), like breathing, excitement, movement, gestures ... Each individual constitutes an energy system in which energy flows are exchanged; of loading and unloading. To the extent that we are able to be aware and control those vital impulses, we will find the psychic and corporal equilibrium.

On each Biomagnetism session we encounter Bioenergetic. They are always holding hands. 









The function of Neuroinduction is to adjust the brain rhythm to achieve change. The techniques used induce the brain to adequate states.


Biomagnetic Neuropsychology or also called biomagnetic balance is a new branch of Medical Biomagnetism.


This technique studies the behavior, the mental processes of individuals and their relationship with electro-neuronal processes.


The technique uses virtual scenarios with spatial locations where the unconscious assigns specific concepts, with the purpose of examining them through a patient tracking, called Biomagnetic Balance Tracking®, detecting hidden conflicts in our consciousness (feelings, emotions, illnesses, etc.) . Then, through Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (EMT), the cerebral cortex is stimulated, leaving an electrical fingerprint in the brain that corrects mental programming.