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The Education Center
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One of the several areas of expression of Universal Mandala is THE EDUCATION CENTER or



   Universal Mandala

Educating the Mind and the Heart


The pedagogy developed at Universal Mandala includes: 


• Knowledge of the inner world of thoughts, feelings, emotions is as important as knowledge of the outside world. 


• An integrated and interdisciplinary approach as a learning method is preferable to one that divided and fragmented knowledge. 


• Individuals often have different learning styles, all styles are equally valid and should be recognized and nurtured. 


• Learning based on direct experience beyond cross resistance to learning by indirect method. 


• A generally accepted material can be improved by addressing it from the perspective of and Universal Education. 


• The intuitive wisdom of the individual can be developed through the dialectical treatment and discussion exploring philosophical, spiritual and moral issues. 



Universal Mandala provides a curriculum and environment that nurtures the innate positive qualities that exist within each child. Our Educational Model has chosen to maintain a central axis guided by basic and essential Universal Principles and Laws that integrate social, emotional and ethical learning (CCC and SEE Learning), and complemented by the Montessori experiential and autonomous approach to certain aspects of our program integrating this into our educational vision.

The Educational Center strive to stimulate an intense interest in and joy of learning and an opportunity for each child to fully explore their particular area of interest. We provide a program that addresses not only our children various talents but, just as importantly, their emotional and inner development. Our Community of Discoverings for Children strive to develop the ‘whole child‘ — mental, physical and espiritual. We train the perceptual, emotional and cognitive skills, because they are crucial to the development of caring, compassion and responsibility towards oneself and others. As the own welfare state influences the welfare of others, we believe this education as a contribution to a better world. 



We offer  multi-age curriculum and open space, however also combine other educational proposals to meet the needs of all children. Each child has their own unique personality and interests, so it is our aim to provide a curriculum that inspires and nurtures those needs of children. Our open space style allows children to explore and discover areas of special interest. Our curriculum is theme-oriented and we access the wonderful resources we have in our families and community to make our learning as experiential and stimulating as possible.


Principles and Universal Laws, Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning and Montessori, Vigotsky, Steiner ...


An emphasis on the cultivation of wonder and discovery is fostered and encouraged through the program and curriculum. Although we use a variety of methodologies, we found the Montessori proposition be an ideal way to provide children time methodology, space, independence and self direction they need to keep the love for learning alive, both spiritual and intelectual oriented. In conjunction with the Montessori method, Vygotsky's educational theory (based on the social constructivism), is enhanced as the base component to create an optimal learning environment. Vygotsky´s most important contribution has been to transmit us that children are not objects or recipients, but "active agents" who actually produce any content. This happens when the child development is addressed with experiences and previous knowledge. With this in mind, we participate in a world that is full understanding and interdependence. The Guide of the child uses this understanding to carry out continuous assessment of himself / herself, the curriculum and children creating better communication and ongoing opportunities for exploration and understanding. 


Helping children to express doubts and questions and look for answers: 

Before children are 6 years old they need to have had some experience in sharing their ideas and concerns, listening to peers and experience the answers to our questions. It is important that their  guides allow them to try to respond with their own answers, alow them to develop theories and investigate strategies. There are times when it is necessary to provide them with answers, but in general, we want to ensure that children have the time and space required to think about the world in a meaningful way, expressing those ideas just as they build on and listening to others. Sometimes the most appropriate for this kind of dialogue moment arises spontaneously in the playground or on a walk... Other times, the guide creates a intentional lesson that allows this dialogue occurs.

Some things to keep in mind as we lead this dialogue: 


Establish a climate of respect while speaking peers. 


-Consider multiple perspectives 

-Consider mistakes as opportunities to learn: As different ideas help us find our answers, whether you happen to be true or not true. 

-How to ask, think and develop curiosity goal instead of "knowing the right answers." 



The companions of children are researchers as essence, and we prefer to call them GUIDES: observing, collecting data, reflecting and revising. Although we documented the process for ourselves, most of the time this happens in the heart and mind of the guide. We encourage guides to share comments, questions and concerns with colleagues and peers as well as to strive individually and collectively, so that the program and curriculum meets the needs of children, parents and community as a whole. This process is seen as a continuous and non-threatening, where the challenge is considered as an opportunity to learn and grow, and where support and advice from colleagues and peers are essential for  personal, professional and the community development  as a whole. . 


All guides are highly prepared professionaly and selected experts in the practice of the Universal Mandala Educational Model and they are in continue training. We also incorporate a variety of interesting faculty colaboratos in different fields.  All of them are dedicated to the ideals and principles under which Universal Mandala  operates.

During our parents/guides conferences your child’s specific curriculum and social, emotional and physical development will be addressed and goals outlined based on the individual child. Our guides are always available to meet with you privately throughout the year to discuss your child’s specific needs and progress.

Universal Mandala Educational Centers provide an extensive educational program. Not only do we strive to help children learn to enjoy wonder and discovery but will also provide a base playing beyond own emotional development of each child. This is what we call an universal education 




We believe that a positive change in society begins with the individual and, specifically with individuals who are kind and wise.

The work of this educational community is based on shared responsibility and organized participation in governance. Being an organization supported by the community of parents, guides, collaborators and sponsors together with the same mission; make a positive impact on the world. Being the change we want to see in the world.



* Through the Universal Mandala program we awaken to the nature of the mind and perceptions, and to the wisdom behind a good heart. This awakening plays an essential role in the development of a sustainable education in all its aspects.

After years of experience and practice we have proven that this type of approach to education has a tremendous impact on the minds of children. In fact, and in the words of the Dalai Lama; "They are little ones who have the light of self confidence and promise in their eyes".

And this is our mission from Universal Mandala (Ibiza, Madrid and Mexico City) and from the educational centers that together with us bet on a Universal Language and Education where Social, Emotional and Ethical learning join the academic curriculum to offer an holistic education according to the intelligence of Human Being, - Emory University (SEE Learning), and Tara Redwood School, Soquel, California, US.

Being the change we want to see in the world.




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