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Copyright © [Year-Year of first publication today, pj: "2010-2016"] [UNIVERSAL MANDALA. MANDALA - UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL EDUCATION. Universal Mandala Educational Model" "Modelo Educativo Universal Mandala"]


(1) Intellectual Property [UNIVERSAL MANDALA. UNIVERSAL MANDALA-UNIVERSAL EDUCATION. Educational Model Universal Mandala "] or its licensors own all intellectual property rights and industrial:


(a) the sites published under the domain [, and], hereinafter This Web Site;


(b) All materials posted on this Web Site (including, without limitation, text, images, photographs, drawings, music, brands or logos, structure and design of the composition of each of the individual pages that make up the entire site , color combinations, source code of the programs that generate the page layout, software necessary for its operation, access and use)


(2) LTU [UNIVERSAL MANDALA. MANDALA- UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL EDUCATION. Educational Model Universal Mandala" " Modelo Educativo Universal Mandala"] granted a non-exclusive, free to use and universal license revocable at any time to:


(a) display this site and all material published in using a computer or mobile device via a web browser.


(b) copy and store a copy of this website or / and all the material published in the, in the cache of your web browser.


(c) printing pages through a physical device (printer-paper) or virtual device (printer-pdf) provided is solely and exclusively for personal and private use [and not having as its purpose commercial use] We do not authorize any other right on this site or on the material published in the. This means that all rights are reserved. If in doubt you as a visitor to our site understand and agree that: you can not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, republish, distribute, re-distribute, perform any kind of broadcast or rebroadcast by waves or any other transmission technology, show in public or private places by using elements of vision or community hears this website or the material on the (regardless of file type or element) without our prior written permission site.


(3) Data Mining

access to this site and the contents published in using any type of collection system and automatic copying of data or files is prohibited.  


(4) Specific Permissions If you. Want to use the materials published on this site for a use other than those authorized in the License section of use please contact us in writing through []  


(5) Protection of our rights Seriously and actively fight against the unauthorized use of this Website and published materials in use. Please note that all content on this website is registered in the register of intellectual property operated by Digital Media Rights. Detecting unauthorized use by you of the contents published on our website may result in the initiation of legal action against you., Including financial claims without prejudice to the initiation of a proceeding request removal of content which violates the terms established in the License Agreement section without excluding the opening of cases for violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act before the major indexes Internet. If you. Detect any misuse or unauthorized use of the content published on our web site, please be informed via email through []  


(6) On this copyright notice This copyright notice has been provided for free use of the entire Internet community by respecting the obligation of source citation and not altering its original content, BUT ESPECIALLY TO PRESERVE AND SAFEGUARD INTACT THE INTEGRITY AND THE ESSENCE OF UNIVERSAL MANDALA AND UNIVERSAL EDUCATION MESSAGE SO IT CAN´T BE DISTORTED OR MISCONSTRUED UNDER ANY CONCEPT. For more information on registering and protecting the copyright of their publications online visit or contact Digital Media Rights:

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