Why Wishing is Not Enough...

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Why Wishing is Not Enough...

If we only focus on ourselves, we only have one thing to generate happiness from. If we find happiness in other's happiness, we can have so many opportunities to experience happiness everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. Finally, our mind, our understanding of the world, our interpreter of events, is always filtering our experiences. If this filter is not fine tuned to experience happiness, then no matter how much we get from the external world, we will never be really happy!    These concerns seems to be in direct correlation with the “me first” attitude.

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Simon Sinek talks about his findings on the importance of knowing 'Why". His talk primarily focuses on business, but this thinking can be applied to many areas of our life and indeed it supports the work we do with UM.

WATCH VIDEO: Simon Sinek - cómo los grandes líderes inspiran la acción the Golden circle. Ted talks 2009

G) What are some the points Sinek makes that resonated for you? How does his philosophy of “why” and the golden circle connect with THE FIRST PRINCIPLE? WHAT DO WE REALLY WANT? OF VALUAES AND INTENTION/MOTIVATION and the work we are doing?


Reflect on yourself, your life and your work place, does it seem like the “why” of “what you really want” inspires your actions? How do you think knowing the “why” inspires the UM GUIDE?

I) Alex Dixon writes this article about research on the link between happiness and kindness. New research suggests that once you start doing nice things for other people, you might not want to stop

Read this article and share your thoughts:

http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/kindness_makes_you_happy_and_happin ess_makes_you_kind

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