What is Really Real?

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Now we will explore the view of reality from theories of physics, science, philosophy and contemplative traditions.


We don’t see things as they are we see things as we are- Anais Nin

Einstein referred to our dualistic, judgmental thinking as a kind of prison. This kind of thinking creates suffering for oneself and others. If we see things in the basic scientific way where everything is interdependent and changing, our view will naturally become less rigid, judgmental and reactive.

By slowing down and being more aware, we can develop clarity and insight that can assist us with discernment that will result in more skillful behavior. This careful and considerate approach is a great training that aligns our actions more closely to our deeper values and wishes, connecting us to a more wise view of reality in any given moment or circumstance. With steady practice in delaying our knee jerk responses, we can begin to outsmart our old habits of being tricked by our projections and stay truer to our inner values and wisdom.


The Nature of Reality - Theory of Relativity, Quantum Science and Buddhist Thought



Alison Ledgerwood, Jorge Peña, Clifford Saron and Bo Feng )


Perhaps this Principle of Perception is the most important to understand for it is from our own mind that all arises for the individual perceiver. If we can start to deeply understand this it can open up a whole new way of seeing ourselves, others and the world. Yet all the previous steps support the understanding of this one...& this supports the others...& now let's see what will unfold in the future.

M) Life as Lab /
Every time you see something green in you daily life use it as a kind of
mindfulness practice...Recall that your mind, your perception, is interfacing with sensory input/data and that you are having your own custom designed version of it. Please share your experiences. CAN I CONNEC T WITH IT AS IF IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT I SEE IT?

O) SEE OPTICAL ILUSION IMAGES . Try out some of these illusions and discover just how
tricky it can be for your brain to accurately interpret the images from your eyes. Click on any of the images below to begin your exploration of optical illusions."


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Remember I invite you to share anything you wish about your experiences on the forum or via email.