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"The Universal Education program that Universal Mandala offers is a precious gift for all those who are the lucky ones enjoying it . My daughter has greatly benefited and continues to benefit, the program of the 7 steps to knowledge, strength and compassion, help them to discover their unlimited potential of the positive qualities innate inside, and all people. Everyday is more aware of the interconnectedness of all beings and the nature of change . 're exploring how your mind, and how to change your thoughts , change your inner reality and therefore their relationship with the world. has built powerful tools to change your mind and enhance their positive qualities. empathy and compassion are growing every day , and also their ability for transmission to the people around you . 's very happy in the warm and fun environment created in Universal Mandala, where you feel intellectually, emotionally and spiritually flourish. As a mother, and person, I have been served much the workshop for adults. exploration and deepening of the 7 steps in a loving and dynamic group has helped me to re- evaluate all aspects of my life and motherhood, to enrich and change the outdated patterns. me has been a great help to integrate the principles of universal wisdom supporting our growth as individuals to contribute to a more altruistic , more loving, more peaceful world. Infinite thanks " !


Tania Mollart . Dana Mother of 5-8 years . Philologist , translator and interpreter




" I believe in the Universal project Mandala, believe in all its aspects, its vision , its development and its purpose, and I think because I see it, I see that my son brings a glolbal life learning, learning through their emotions, their own interests, their personal and unique, and each child process every day, because every day is different, and so learning must be flexible, tailored to your needs of the moment , not all guided and structured by alike. freedom from, respect, values ​​and community learning arises naturally flowing and rich way, and the children happily and naturally absorb . My son is happy at school, Thank Belén ! "


Cristina de Diego. Mama Tiago 4-5 years. Children Yoga Teacher



" Illuminate our world! Universal Mandala, with its Essential Education, has created a room to grow , not only through intellectual - emotional development of our children, but of our own evolution. 's The realization of a fundamental message in our lives : knowledge, strength and compassion .

Puts in our hands the tools, in a very simple and inspiring way to develop our potential in a creative way, so we can help ourselves as well as our environment. It returns memory about the sacredness of life. It opens to the observation of our conflicting emotions, to transform them, and through compassion and humility, others identify our own nature. In this experience the children express their desire to be one with the whole, recognizing themselves to be truly free, respectful and loving ... and so make your own destiny! It is a guide for accept - make the commitment we have to turn our lives and our world that we always dreamed. Very grateful to the task Mandala played with our kids in Ibiza . "


Lledo Pepa . Mom Guillen 5-7 years. Owner of Biopunt (Eco -Bio Food) .




" Thanks forallowing me to see that change in education is possible! ! Do I dream and I urge to fight for this dream of education for the total development as a human being."


First cycle Villavieja Educator . Tuesday, March 12, 2013



" Universal Education training course on  has been a turning point in my life, no doubt .

The seven steps methodology and its potential application to any area of life is an invaluable tool , allowing us to develop a true knowledge of self and the world around us . The activities are designed specific to each guild and founded on the universal values ​​make them very attractive, fun and very effective.

It is wonderful to learn and teach this methodology as it is the way for us to see changes in the world we all want.

My huge thanks to Belén Kohler by convey this knowledge and her experience . His great humanity is a living example of how to apply !

I encourage anyone who can take the course to take the opportunity and enjoy it " .


Sofia Marban (Mother , founder of Equine Alma Children Foundation , veterinary biologist )



Thank you for the journey in Universal Mandala School ... you are teaching children such wonderful values ​​and your ideas and work you do with them is truly inspiring. I have loved learning and working about the different colors! Thanks for introducing me to this magical place!


Alison Mackessack-Leitch. Teacher.


" ... At last , without any doubt, the change we wish to see in the world. An educational perspective based on universal principles for the current human being.  At last a program that helps us to understand our true nature ! . . ; the nature of our mind and our emotions ... and connects us to the unlimited potential of knowledge, kindness and empathy in each ... without forgetting any time the academic process. Finally something that sounds consistent! ...


Marina Villar . Mother of 3 children . Children Psychologist 

"... Wishing to share that the work we have done at the Master's training of Universal Mandala,  is completely anchored within me. So much that personally helped me to overcome very difficult things that I had to live in these last two years. has helped me in my daily life and in my work, where I´ve tried o apply what I´ve learned as much as I can, and for all that I want to thank you Universal Mandala because for me was not just a training to have a degree or to have a job, for me was a training to meet myself, a training  for life, a training  to face whatever coming with understanding and aceptance and I will be always thankful.


I really do not know how but I want to work with the universal mandala method. I want to put it into practice because for me it is the only way to really embody it


I continue growing by my side going to many conferences reading things that interest me, be open to other options and ways of life,  but always with universal mandala  in my heart ... it's like wearing it tattoo or something like that ...

thank you very much for every teaching

I will never be grateful enough ... "


Elena Barranco. Teacher of Infant and Primary in Geneve. Switzerland. 02/05/2017


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