Mindfulness, Reflection, and Neuroscience

Please watch the video below and I invite you to share anything you wish about your experiences on the forum or via email.

Google Personal Growth Series: Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation by DANIEL J. SIEGEL

Mental Health:

Dalai Lama - Matthieu Ricard - 1 Cambia Tu Mente Cambia El Mundo 

Dalai Lama Matthieu Ricard 2 Cambia La Educación Cambia El Mundo 

Please answer the following questions:

2. How do you feel physically, emotionally, intellectually afterwards? Take note of the various exchanges, focusing on the more empathic “connecting” exchanges & the merely fact-based information exchanges. How do they feel different? What do these different experiences imply? What are the underlying forms of communication? Experiment. Can you shift between the different communication exchanges? What was the result?

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