Mind Maintenance

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Matt Killingsworth developed an app for tracking happiness. Matt speaks about his research on Happiness and discovered everyone wants to be happy and living more in the moment helps!

VIDEO. Matt Killingsworth Wants to be happy? Estate en el momento presente!

L) Sometimes inspirational insights and ideas surface while day dreaming! Perhaps some of these moments fall into the category of contemplation. Which is very helpful, so when does daydreaming become contemplation? I guess you proved the power & ability we have to reflect & observe our own mind & become our own therapist

M) Rejoice when you notice you are embodying your mindful intention! Notice when you find yourself going off track. Rejoice for growing awareness!

1.) After reflecting on our essential values (MI) and

2.) ...having considered all the thoughts, ideas, conversations, actions, habits, etc. that are driven by these values,

3.) Can you see the opportunities we have in each successive moment, to co-create What we really want by bringing these values to the forefront of our experience?

Supplementary Reading / Lectura suplementaria


La Felicidad y La Química Cerebral DeLa Salud - Dr. Deepak Chopra


N) How can we create What we really want?
What role does our inner environment play and how do we prepare it?


O) REGALO El Poder de la Intencion - Dr Wayne Dyer completo en español

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