Training Program Fundamentals

Everyday life offers us enough challenges to become more integrity people. If we are willing to accept the invitation that each challenge presents to us, we will realize that this process of acceptance can not be realized by oneself - at least not in a sustainable way, or in the long term. We need relationships that are trustworthy, those that support us with tenacity and sustain in the path to an integral life. Taking a journey or inner pilgrimage towards the meeting of our own soul with our role in life requires a true community, To this type of community, which in reality is infrequent, I call it a "Circle of Trust".


Parker J. Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness





Please watch the video below and I invite you to share anything you wish about your experiences on the forum or via email.

In the following video educator, author, and activist, Parker Palmer, shares his insights into creating safe spaces for learning:

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NOTE: I would like to encourage everyone to begin a journal, preferably a real pen&paper kind, at the onset of the program. This can be used throughout the course if you would like to process any aspect of this work in a more private way. Sometimes it is only after we do this processing do we know what we want to share with each other. Other times we choose to keep it to ourselves or know right away what we want to share. Journaling is also really helpful in that you will be able to go back and read, reference and really see any changes and consistencies within you.